female sexual dysfunction

While sex isn’t the focus in a healthy relationship, it definitely is an important aspect of it. If things aren’t going right in the bedroom, it can sometimes affect the relationship outside of the bedroom. Don’t turn a blind eye if you and your partner are experiencing some problems getting intimate. Lack of sex drive is often easy enough to resolve and will do wonders for your relationship. Read about five things that kill your sex drive.




Sometimes couples need to change things up in order to renew the excitement in their relationship. Routine can be a good thing for some, but for others it can result in boredom and frustration. If you sense that you or your partner could do with some excitement, try to make a few small changes in your lovemaking.


Low testosterone

testosterone therapy

This can be a problem for both men and women. As we age, testosterone levels naturally decline and this is a problem for libido. Low testosterone levels also cause mood swings, depression, poor muscle strength and insomnia. When women reach menopause, hormone levels are fluctuating and this has a negative effect on libido.




irritable male syndrome


Stress is one of the most common reasons for not getting in the mood. After all, how can you even think about having sex if you’re feeling so overwhelmed and worried? Some men also experience erectile dysfunction due to stress. Sex is actually a great de-stresser so it’s in your best interests to try to put your worries aside. It can help to focus on relaxation techniques. Dedicate a night or two a week to relax, spend time with your partner, turn the phones off and see where the evening takes you.



Excessive exercise

We often speak about how important exercising is for libido, but too much exercise can actually have the opposite effect. Several studies have been done showing that men who overexert themselves actually suffer from lower testosterone levels. A University of Melbourne study helps us strike the right balance; it showed that running less than two hours increased testosterone levels while running more than two hours suppressed testosterone. Athletes who undergo strict exercise regimes will experience a decrease in testosterone, possibly resulting from increased cortisol levels (the hormone released in response to stress). Running and exercise in general is extremely important – just make sure you find the right balance so you’re not overexerting yourself.


Porn can lead us into thinking that all men and women are in perfect physical shape and are always ready for sex, and that sex always ends in orgasm. Porn can create unrealistic expectations and so can decrease confidence in a relationship, and therefore libido.


It is important to remember that low libido is common due to a number of reasons, but it is easy to resolve once we admit that there’s a problem and are willing to take action. There are a number of natural methods you can try to boost your libido, but if the problem persists it is often a good idea to consult a doctor about testosterone replacement therapy.

Many men turn to testosterone replacement therapy in order to increase their testosterone levels. AndroForte has been shown to be an effective solution for men whose testosterone levels have fallen due to a variety of reasons. Using such a cream will increase sex drive and overall wellness. Women can increase libido with testosterone therapies such as AndroFeme in order to reclaim back their libido.