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Five Things that Kill your Sex Drive

While sex isn’t the focus in a healthy relationship, it definitely is an important aspect of it. If things aren’t going right in the bedroom, it can sometimes affect the relationship outside of the bedroom. Don’t turn a blind eye if you and your partner are experiencing some problems getting intimate. Lack of sex drive […]

Testosterone therapy in the UK

testosterone therapy in the UK

There has been some buzz in the press recently about testosterone replacement therapy being endorsed and encouraged by a progressing number of specialists in the UK. That being said, it is encouraged for men, but strangely enough, not for women. As of writing, there are no licensed testosterone gel preparations in the UK for women […]

Boosting female libido

boosting female libido

Perhaps one of the most difficult symptoms of menopause is having low libido. Moodiness, fatigue and hot flashes are no fun either, but having a low libido directly impacts a woman’s relationship with her partner. Hang in there, because it doesn’t mean your sex life has to end. Sometimes you just need a little help, […]

Prescribing testosterone for women

testosterone for women

When you hit menopause and start complaining about symptoms most doctors automatically start recommending normal HRT treatments (hormone replacement therapy). This is normally Estrogen and/or Progesterone based. After all, these are the main female hormones that deplete during menopause and the “change of life”. While it’s true that these hormones help maintain hormonal balance and […]

Hormone Therapy for Menopause and You

As any woman who is (unfortunately) continuously aging, at a certain point it’s time to think about the big elephant in the room–menopause. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, ceaseless discomfort…and the inevitable loss of sex drive. But does it have to be the curse it is made out […]

Exercising as We Age

Ever think: “Well, I climbed a lot of stairs at work today, that could count as my cardio for the week?” Or “skipping out on this cake for desert is the equivalent of an ab exercise right?” With these little mental compromises, we often justify not exercising. As we get older and stop worrying about […]

The little pink pill

little pink pill

We have all heard about the little blue pill but have you heard about the little pink pill? The little blue pill, Viagra, treats erectile dysfunction in men. It is one of the many FDA approved treatments available for men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Really, men have over 20 approved drugs to choose from. […]

Hangover Cures to Feel Young Again

“I feel young”, is what we’d like to look in the mirror and tell ourselves everyday. To our benefit, I’d like to believe that we genuinely do. Once you start using testosterone therapy like AndroFeme or AndroForte you may very well start feeling younger very quickly! However, while testosterone therapy helps with low testosterone, muscle […]

Treat depression with hormones


We came across this opinion piece in the New York Times a while back and just had to touch base on it. The article talks about medicating women’s feelings. It’s a subject close to home as we have many female patients using testosterone and progesterone or a combination of both. whats better? Treating with anti-depressants […]

Female Sexual Dysfunction

female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction affects millions of women worldwide, the fact is though, not many people talk about it as a medical condition or realize that they can do something about it. Female sexual dysfunction is the umbrella category used to describe an array of sexual disorders that affect women. Walking through life with low libido or […]