does testosterone shrink your balls?

Ask the expert: I have read that the use of testosterone replacement therapies can cause the testes to shrink. Why is this and why is it not mentioned on your site?


The expert answers: Your body produces natural testosterone and it controls your sexual function however it does not affect the size of your testes or penis in any way. Men with high levels of testosterone don’t have smaller testes so rest assured, men with low testosterone who experience an increase due to therapeutic therapy do not suddenly find that their testes start to shrink either.

Androforte is a bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy; therefore using it to replace low testosterone levels does not affect the size or your testes and penis in any way. This is why we don’t mention it on our site.

Bioidentical testosterone treatments use the same testosterone hormones that your body produces naturally. Bioidentical hormones are absorbed more easily than synthetic hormones. This results in your body reacting to them naturally and considering them to be an extension and top-up of the existing natural testosterone.

Prostate volume doesn’t change with scrotal application testosterone use, it’s another common myth about testosterone use in general. Some information on the internet says that testosterone does shrink testes but this is down to the use and abuse of anabolic steroids – This article explains more.

Bioidentical testosterone can be administered in the form of patches, cream, injections or gels. All are effective and help with increasing sexual function, body mass, mood swings and energy levels, more effective than their synthetic counterparts. You can find out more about effectiveness and in our previous blog post the difference between Androgel and Androforte or via our testosterone comparison chart.

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