Once you discover that you have low testosterone or feel like you would benefit from using testosterone replacement therapy, the next step is deciding what treatment to go for. Last week we covered the difference between injections, patches and topical testosterone treatments. Today, we take look at the most popular topical therapies, their differences and why AndroForte works out as the most effective, in cost and results. We often get asked about how AndroForte differs from AndroGel, so this article is broken down into questions and answers for a clearer comparison. Hope you find it helpful!

What’s the difference in dosage between AndroForte and AndroGel?

AndroGel is a topical gel and AndroForte is a topical cream, which one is easiest to apply?

Why are the application sites different and does this affect the results?

What’s the price difference between AndroGel and AndroForte?

Do I need a prescription to buy AndroForte or AndroGel? Can I buy online?

When and how often do you apply AndroForte and AndroGel?

You can also compare AndroForte and AndrofoGel to other low testosterone treatments by using our comparison chart. In this chart we make comparisons with other popular topical testosterone treatments: Testogel, Testim, Axiron, AndroDerm and Fortesta.

If you have any further questions feel free to comment on this post and we’ll be happy to answer.

* Prices taken from the RX list, August 2013, if you check today, the prices might have already gone up!

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