Former Mr. Universe: “Drugs Don’t Make The Athlete”

Former Mr. Universe Tom Platz talked to high school kids in Michigan. One of the questions asked was about steroids. He states that “drugs don’t make the athlete, but they’re involved.” He explained to the kids how the steroids won’t help the competitors learn to pose, that it won’t create a stage presence and does […]

Your Fatigue Could be Caused by Low T

While many people have only heard about testosterone treatments as a cure all for erectile dysfunction, it actually can help if you have low energy. There are other medical issues that can hide your low testosterone, or low T, such as problems with mood, libido and decrease in bone mass. Men and women alike can […]

Is AndroGel Flammable?

While testosterone gels like AndroGel are there to help “ignite the fire”, so to speak, it actually is flammable. The fine print on the medication states that the gel is flammable until the gel is dried. There are other disturbing warnings in the fine print that many aren’t aware of. Those include to first wash […]

Pharmacist Illegally Sells ED Medications as “Herbal Supplements”

A pharmacist in Aukland illegally sold erectile dysfunction drugs herbal medicine has recently been jailed. He was guilty on 47 out of 49 charges. The drugs were manufactured without approval, and were represented as herbal even though the medications listed Vardenafil and Phentolamine as active ingredients, which aren’t herbal. The charged man, Fadi Iskander, ran […]

Anabolic Steroids May Affect Mental Health

Who knew that taking drugs may affect your brain? Anabolic steroids are usually viewed as harmless, however, a new study shows a prominent link between anabolic-androgenic steroids and mental health problems later in life. The study was performed at the University of Gothenburg, which is the third oldest Swedish university. The study was done on […]

Longterm Painkiller Use Linked To Erectile Dysfunction

New studies suggest that long term painkiller use can lead to erectile dysfunction. Specifically, opioid prescriptions for back pain. The men who take these pain killers for an extended period of time have the highest risk of erectile dysfunction later in life. The researchers found the link by analyzing the electronic health records of over […]

No One Is Talking About Sexual Dysfunction.

Did you know that over half of the population 40 and older suffer from a sexual dysfunction? Many of these patients suffer in silence, even though most likely their problems are treatable. Why would people not seek treatment? This is the question many doctors and researchers are trying to answer. Maybe it is because they […]

Men With Erectile Dysfunction Not Seeking Treatment

A recent large scale study found that the majority of men with erectile dysfunction to not seek treatment for it. Researchers and doctors wonder why men who suffer from ED do not seek treatment. For the past 15 years treatments for erectile dysfunction have been all over social and mainstream media. There are a reported […]

Recall on Erectile Dysfunction Supplement

The FDA has announced a recall on several supplements that contain a drug called tadalafil, it is an undeclared drug, used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is seen in products like SexVoltz, Velextra and Amerect. They were manufactured by BeaMonstar Products of Queen Creek, Arizona and were distributed nationally. The FDA states “These undeclared active […]

Testosterone May Help Men With Diabetes

A recent study shows that men who have type 2 diabetes that received testosterone therapy had a 25% increase in insulin sensitivity after 24 weeks of treatment. The men analyzed had type 2 diabetes and hypogonadism (described as having a free testosterone concentration of less than 5 ng/dL), lean body mass, fat mass, sexual function, […]