Does Trump have the power to influence our sex lives? 

It’s been a difficult few months for the American public.  Can the government shut down effect our sex life?  The government shut down and issues surrounding the building of the wall are effecting government offices, government workers and the entire atmosphere in the country.  But is it effecting what goes on in the four walls of our bedrooms?  A few experts say that it might.

Dr. Susan Block believes in something she calls “Post Traumatic Sex Disorder“.  She claims that the politics in the nation are directly impacting our sexual health. She also talks about how Donald Trump is a man of power and wealth and leads the nation with a strong hand.  Some people find that sexy and powerful while others, according to the her theory, feel emasculated.

Stress is known to be a direct contributor to sexual disorders.  In order for one to be able perform sexually, we usually need to be able to relax enough to get things going.  During times of national stress and turmoil, there is so much on our minds that it can be difficult to relax.  In short, when we are stressed out, it can be difficult to engage our more erotic sides.

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Men may feel like they want to have sex but their body just won’t react.  Women suffering from political stresses may exhibit different symptoms.  They may have no interest or low libido. Dr. Block even claims that other problems that can be associated with a powerful leader can be either men or women having Trump based fantasies.

But what do you think?  Is Trump causing people problems in the bedroom? Or is this fake news?

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