Testosterone is often referred to as the sex hormone, but it is so much more than just a sex hormone. For both men and women, testosterone can affect many areas of our lives, including our personality. Read ahead for all you need to know on testosterone and personality. For men, testosterone plays a key role in puberty and the development of the testes and penis. It is also responsible for man’s ability to build muscles, grow facial and pubic hair and develop a deeper voice. In other words, testosterone turns boys into men. Testosterone is also important for women. Having the right levels of T helps grow and maintain the female reproductive system.

High and Low T

When testosterone levels are too high in men it can cause high blood pressure, mood changes, hair loss and even depression. For women, it can cause PCOS and thyroid disorders with symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles and hormonal outbreaks. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, can cause a man to feel like he’s lost himself. Since testosterone is essentially what defines a man’s body, when levels are too low men feel depressed and low. Low levels of T cause low libido, lower muscle mass and less motivation. When women experience low levels of testosterone, they may feel lethargic and weak.

What about personality?

Sooo, testosterone and personality? While the symptoms of low and high levels of testosterone are well documented when it comes to our body, it is perhaps less obvious that it can also influence our personality. There are a few personality traits that are linked to high levels of testosterone. This is understandable, since hormones and other chemicals in our body affect the way we both perceive and react to a given situation. And these same hormones affect each individually differently. While you might think of certain personality traits associated with high levels of T as negative, such as anger or aggression, there are also many traits that can work in your favor too.

Anger and aggression

People with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to respond in anger or aggressiveness. This leads to feeling more powerful. Women who suffer from PCOS may suffer from anger as a result of low T. If you find yourself angry or aggressive, your doctor may be able to identify a hormonal imbalance.


Those with high T are more likely to rise to a challenge and compete with others.

Decisiveness and confidence

Higher levels of testosterone lead us to feeling more decisive and less likely to second-guess our decisions. We also behave with confidence and self-directedness, which can go a long way in enhancing our professional work life.

Sex drive

Of course, higher levels of testosterone often lead to a higher sex drive. Just like the above personality traits are true of both men and women experiencing high levels of T, so too does it impact sex drive in both men and women.

Hormone replacement therapy

Since there are many studies that have shown that higher levels of T can influence our personality, is it also reasonable to assume that taking artificial testosterone will have the same effect? Just as anger and aggressiveness can be caused from too much testosterone, not having enough testosterone also cause these symptoms. Studies have shown that where very high levels of testosterone were administered, participants were more likely to experience aggression and anger. But modest doses of testosterone did not have that effect. Based on this, a person would have to receive excess levels of testosterone for it to cause negative behavior. But each person is different and reacts differently to different levels of testosterone. Therefore, it’s always important to check  T levels before starting therapy. Constant monitoring while on hormone replacement therapy is also crucial. This will ensure that levels don’t go too high or too low and leave you with undesirable symptoms or impulses. One man might feel great on one dosage, while another man might feel angry or irritable on that same dose. Finding the right dose is really the most important thing you can do for the therapy to be successful. Hormone replacement therapy can be extremely effective for many men and has been shown to restore sexual function back to normal when taking the right dosage. Administering the correct dosage can make a huge difference in your quality of life, sex life and mood.