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Do Testosterone Levels Impact Mental Health?

Testosterone is a hormone that plays many roles in a man’s life. Maintaining high hormone levels to maintain good mental health and an active libido is essential. Testosterone and mental health are closely connected. Low testosterone levels can slow down the speed at which a man builds muscle mass and cause weight gain, possibly leading […]

Can T affect your personality?

Testosterone is often referred to as the sex hormone, but it is so much more than just a sex hormone. For both men and women, testosterone can affect many areas of our lives, including our personality. Read ahead for all you need to know on testosterone and personality. For men, testosterone plays a key role […]

High T= High Confidence?

Advertisements and marketing have created a certain image for testosterone and men over 40. In fact, according to  the FDA there are a million more men taking testosterone supplements now than there were four years ago. Many of the men who are taking these supplements do have low testosterone levels and taking supplements can help […]

Social studies on testosterone levels

self employed man

We’ve all read about medical studies on testosterone but what about social studies on testosterone? Is there a link between being self-employed and having higher testosterone levels? Recently there has been a lot of debate on the use of testosterone therapies and the importance of correcting low testosterone in men. For a long time, medical […]