AndroForte / AndroGel Comparison Chart

AndroForte? AndroGel? How to know which is the right one for you? This chart will help you decide:   It is difficult to decide which product to use to treat low testosterone. There are a lot of great options out there. Shots, supplements, cream, gel, etc. So how is one meant to decide? We have […]

What happens after miscarriage?

after miscarriage

How is miscarriage treated? What happens after miscarriage and what support is available?   What happens when you go to the emergency room? The paramedic will make you bed rest quietly and may give you medications to stop your uterus from contracting under the direction of the Emergency Room physician at the base hospital by phone. […]

Signs & symptoms of miscarriage

symptoms of miscarriage

What are the signs and symptoms of miscarriage? A sign is something you can objectively see or measure, like vomiting or a fever. A symptom is something only you feel and report. If you are pregnant and develop any of these signs and symptoms, go to the nearest Emergency Room immediately. These are possible symptoms […]

Causes of miscarriage explained

causes of miscarriage

Why does miscarriage occur? We explain the main causes of miscarriage. A pregnancy is most vulnerable during Weeks 7 to 13. Repeated miscarriages can result from problems with: Implantation; genetics; immune disorders; physiology; hormones; toxin exposure; lifestyle; trauma; the mother’s age; and infections. The fetus is abnormal in 70% of miscarriages. Implantation problems mean the […]

What is a miscarriage?


A miscarriage is a pregnancy that ends spontaneously before 20 weeks of pregnancy, when the fetus has no chance of living independently outside the womb. After 20 weeks, pregnancy loss is considered a stillbirth. A fetus that survives into the third trimester (weeks 28 to 40 of pregnancy) has a chance of survival. The medical term […]

Preparing for a Hysterectomy

hysterectomy preparation

Preparing for a hysterectomy? It’s not only about the consultations and the decision to undergo a hysterectomy. Preparing for a hysterectomy also includes deciding which technique your surgeon will use, making sure your costs are covered and what you will need to do during the aftercare procedure. Also important when preparing for a hysterectomy is knowing what you need to do pre-op, the day […]

Hysterectomy side effects

hysterectomy recovery

How dangerous is having a hysterectomy? What are the side effects of having surgery? Hysterectomy side effects during and after the surgery can affect your quality of life if not controlled and treated properly. All forms of surgery can have complications, and hysterectomy is no exception. The danger of complications include: You may react badly […]

Hysterectomy surgical options explained


What hysterectomy surgical options are available? To perform a hysterectomy, the surgeon reaches your internal reproductive organs either through an incision in your lower abdomen, through laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery via small abdominal incisions or vaginally. Hysterectomy is performed under general anaesthetic. The surgeon first cuts the ligaments that keep the uterus suspended in your abdomen, then […]

What is Hysterectomy?


Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the womb (uterus). You may be able to opt for a partial hysterectomy, depending on the circumstance.   The cervix and ovaries are not removed when a hysterectomy is performed. This means that your menstrual periods cease and you become infertile, but you do not experience sudden menopause.   A Subtotal […]

Treating Fibroids

The thought of treating Fibroids can be scary. Will you need surgery? How will it impact your life? Treating Fibroids does not necessarily mean a hospital stay, there are other treatments that you can try, depending on the type and extent of your Fibroids.   When do I need treatment? If your fibroids cause no […]