Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to get or maintain an erection. ED is characterized by the problem occurring frequently. However, any man can struggle with this issue occasionally if he’s stressed or tired. Only when it happens over and over again does it require medical intervention. ED is more common as a man gets older, especially if there are underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

ED can take its toll on any relationship. It can be equally frustrating for both partners. As such, it’s crucial that all couples suffering from ED talk open and honestly about it. If a couple can approach the topic together then they are more likely to be able to work through it together.

How it affects him

A man suffering from erectile dysfunction will feel extremely frustrated. It can really affect his ego too since many men view it as their responsibility to perform well in bed. He’ll likely feel like he’s letting his partner down due to his inability. These feelings will only make the problem worse though. The increasing pressure he feels to please his partner can cause even more stress. And stress is one of the biggest causes for erectile dysfunction even in younger, healthier men.

If you’re a man suffering from ED, it’s important that you realize you are not to blame. It is a medical condition which is entirely unrelated to anything you are or aren’t doing. Nobody is to blame and there is nothing to apologize for. What’s important is finding treatment that will work for you.

How it affects his partner

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Partners of men with ED don’t have it easy either. While it’s hard to imagine what the man must be experiencing, partners might feel somewhat responsible. A partner might wrongly assume they aren’t attractive enough or that their partner isn’t turned on enough. In truth, it has very little to do with being turned on. ED is most often related to blood vessel problems, depression or medication for high blood pressure. Trying harder in the bedroom won’t cure ED. These feelings are natural for partners to experience, but it isn’t helpful in solving the problem. It will make both partners feel guilty and stressed.

Finding a solution

Instead, couples need to find a good time to talk about how each one feels. Getting these feelings out in the open will help you relate to each other. And then understanding that neither of you are to blame for ED will help you both tackle the issue together. It doesn’t need to push you apart. Let it bring you closer.

There are plenty of treatment options available. After you’ve both decided you’re going to approach the problem together, the first step is to make an appointment with your doctor. ED is often related to health issues and medication. Getting treatment could be as simple as changing the medication you’re on. In other cases, your doctor will prescribe a pill like Cialis or Viagra. They can be very effective and come with few side effects. ED caused by low testosterone can be treated with testosterone therapy which can lead to great results.

Finding the right treatment will not only get your sex life back on track but will also ensure you remain healthy. If ED is caused by an underlying health issue it’s important you get checked.

In the meantime, it helps to take the pressure off. There are other ways that you can both experience sexual pleasure such as more foreplay, oral sex and sex toys. Trying something different will allow you to connect with each other without the added stress. Once the pressure of actual intercourse is off, you are more likely to be able to relax and enjoy each other.

Seeing a sex therapist or marriage counselor can also be helpful. They can offer very useful insights and help you both get back on track.

Remember, ED is not the beginning of the end of your sex life. Once you’ve found the right treatment, you’ll both come out of this with a more enjoyable and satisfying sex life.