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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Low Libido?

sex dysfunction in womenA woman with low libido does not experience sexual excitement often. Her ability to find pleasure in sex is limited. Erotic pictures, language or touch are not stimulating to her. She may masturbate infrequently in preference to intercourse, or not masturbate at all. She may engage in sex only to please her partner, not for her own enjoyment. She may be unable to achieve an orgasm (anorgasmia). Hence, she avoids sexual contact with others.
Vaginal lubrication is a good indicator of sexual arousal in women. Studies show lubrication problems occur in 18% of women in their 30s, 21% of women in their 40s, and 27% of women in their 50s. Fifty percent of women report problems with lubrication during half of their sexual encounters.


What is Normal Sexual Activity?

This can give you an indication on symptoms of low libido in men and women.

Sexual activity varies according to the individual and the culture, but in
Australia in 2003:
8.1% of women (10.4% of men) claim to have sex four times weekly or more
29.1% of women (26.5% of men) claim to have sex two or three times weekly
25.7% of women (26.7% of men) claim to have sex once per week
30.4% of women (33.4% of men) claim to have sex less than once per month or not at all.

Studies in the UK show the length of a sexual relationship governs the frequency of intercourse. Half of all couples bonded together less than three years claim to have sex three times per week or more. Only one- quarter of all couples bonded together four years or more have sex three times per week or more.

It is common not to have sex one month before and one month after childbirth. Do not be concerned about this normal period of low libido and abstinence.



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The information in this article has been taken with permission from the official Lawley booklet on Understanding Low Libido in Women.