cannabis and sex

Many have asked and wondered about the relationship between cannabis and sex. We hope this article will answer some of the common questions.

To give some background, cannabis comes from the Cannabis sativa hemp plant and has over 100 chemicals called cannabinoids. Cannabis is often smoked as joints or inhaled. Many people also make a tea or put it into baked goods such as brownies or cookies. There are many cannabis products on the market that can be applied to the skin, and there is even cannabis lubrication. Cannabis legalization across states is constantly changing. You can see this guide to check which states allow cannabis and under what circumstances. Cannabis is legal for medical use in 33 states and is legal for adult recreational use in 10 states, though it is still illegal at federal level. Many states have legalized cannabis use for certain medical conditions, but erectile dysfunction is not on that list.
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Cannabis and Erectile Dysfunction

It is not clear how cannabis use affects sex and erectile dysfunction since there are many conflicting reports. The problem is that there haven’t been many large-scale, quality studies which examine the correlation between cannabis and sexual health. There have been a few smaller studies, and most of what you find online reflects personal testimonials which aren’t considered reliable in the medical world. There is no shortage of claims about cannabis boosting sex. And yet, there is also no shortage of claims that cannabis reduces sperm count and contributes towards erectile dysfunction. And unfortunately it is not so simple to study its use in a controlled environment, for many reasons. In the few studies that have been done, it has been shown that cannabis reduces testosterone levels. We know that low T can contribute towards erectile dysfunction. Another 2010 study concluded that cannabis inhibits the nervous system making it difficult to get an erection in the first place. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction causes men to have performance anxiety. As long as there is no underlying medical condition, cannabis could help men relax and overcome this anxiety, therefore achieving an erection.
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There are so many factors to consider when it comes to ED and sex. Research and self reports go both ways so there really is no conclusive evidence one way or the other. While cannabis doesn’t contribute towards ED the same way as tobacco does, it can still make the problem worse overall. If you’re looking to overcome ED, there are probably better ways to do so like avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, increasing exercise and balancing testosterone levels.

Cannabis and Sex

An informal poll in Psychology Today reported that 67% of people experienced a boost in their sex lives after cannabis use, while 20% said it depends on the circumstances at the time. Another study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that from 60,000 people, those who consumed cannabis had more sex. Yet since this is a self reported study it is far from reliable. And it also doesn’t take into consideration that perhaps people who smoke cannabis are people who have more sex anyway. There are many testimonials of people swearing that cannabis lubricant prolongs orgasms. Self reporting aside, at the moment there is no proof that cannabis enhances sex or can treat sexual dysfunctions. And yet despite this lack of research, there sure are a lot of cannabis products on the market that claim to help you with a sexual issues. So, what do you think?