Take the Testomed testosterone deficiency assessment test

Testosterone is the key hormone that sets the degree of masculinity throughout the life of a male. You might already know that testosterone levels change as the body ages. Still, many men are unaware of how much testosterone is in their bodies at each point of their lives. Testosterone levels change as mature men age, […]

The Truth about Low Fat and Low Testosterone

A man experiencing testosterone deficiency will experience many symptoms and health issues. Examples include erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, reduced bone mass, fatigue, mood swings and more. It was always thought that losing weight and exercising regularly can help combat testosterone deficiency. Yet it has now come to light that the diet you go on makes […]

Your Kidneys and your Sex life

For kidney month, we’re going to take a look at the relationship between your kidneys and your sex life. Suspecting issues with your kidneys might not be the first thing you do when you hear about low libido.  But the kidneys can affect sex since kidney disease can cause a low sex drive, among many […]

The Role of Testosterone in Romantic Relationships

We have discussed before that testosterone levels impact libido, energy levels, mood and other factors. Now, scientists are also finding a link between testosterone and the quality of relationships. Do testosterone levels impact the ability to sustain a long-term relationship? Can levels of testosterone predict the relationship quality? Read on to find out. What the […]

Can You Self-Diagnose Low T?

With testosterone playing such a central role in our bodies, it is important to recognize the symptoms of low T and what that can do to us physically and emotionally. It is in our best interests to be in tune with our bodies. This way, we are better prepared to take action when something doesn’t […]

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Men with diabetes, particularly type 2, are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who do not have diabetes. Additionally, erectile dysfunction occurs approximately 10 to 15 years earlier in men with diabetes. Symptoms of ED might even be experienced before a known diabetes diagnosis has been made. Nonetheless, there is treatment for ED […]

Why Testosterone is Critical for a Man’s Health

Testosterone plays a very important role in a man’s body. It is responsible for fertility, libido, fat distribution, muscle size and strength. Also, it is also responsible for bone mass and red blood cell production. It can also impact energy levels and mood regulation. When T levels are low, it can lead to disruptive symptoms […]

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone levels naturally decline from the age of 30 and its effect goes way beyond the bedroom. There are many symptoms you need to be looking out for which could indicate that your levels are too low. If you have one or several of these symptoms, it is worth checking your T levels. Of course, […]

Stress and Erectile Dysfunction

Both stress and low testosterone levels share a lot of the same symptoms. These symptoms include low libido, trouble sleeping, fatigue, depression and lack of energy. In fact, stress and low T may actually be linked. It is said that approximately 10-20% of erectile dysfunction cases result from psychological factors. So stress and anxiety, whether […]

Treat Low-T with Stem Cells

stem cells

Decreased testosterone levels are something most men will experience as they age. Testosterone levels naturally decline by about 1 percent a year after the age of 30 or 40. This is considered a normal decline, but men with low levels of testosterone levels need to be sure that what they are experiencing is, in fact, […]