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AndroFeme®1 natural testosterone cream is the world’s only clinically tested pharmaceutical grade testosterone cream! Made from natural bioidentical testosterone, AndroFeme®1 targets the needs of women with low testosterone levels.


Why is testosterone important to a woman’s health?


Women naturally produce three sex hormones: testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. While estrogen and progesterone are common hormones heard of in women’s health, testosterone often takes a back seat. However, testosterone is essential for maintaining energy levels, a healthy libido, and bone health.


Lower than normal testosterone levels can cause:
  • Decreased libido or a loss of sexual desire
  • Diminished sense of well-being
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Reduced motivation
  • Depression
  • Body shape changes
  • Emotional mood changes


Women with low testosterone may experience:


How does AndroFeme®1 work?


AndroFeme®1 is the only licensed hormone replacement therapy cream featuring bioidentical hormones specifically prescribed for women with low testosterone levels.


With every 1 ml of AndroFeme®1 you receive 10 mg of bioidentical testosterone. At the recommended dose of 0.5ml per day, each tube should last around 100 days making it very economical to purchase.

Testosterone levels are best checked in the morning.
Ideally, you should be tested before you begin therapy and the once again 3 to 6 weeks after you have begun to ensure the dose is appropriate.
Significant improvement in libido can take up to 6 to 8 weeks – be patient.
Remember one tube will last 100-days using the recommended 0.5mL once daily dose.