Doctors have identified a new silent epidemic called Andropause

Do a search on your preferred website for information about the effects of declines in hormones on a man’s QOL (quality of life). You will find most hits refer to “the male menopause,” but this is a misnomer and can lead you away from a proper understanding of what the conditions are, and how best […]

Age affects your testosterone levels – and what to do about it

A quick search on Google or any of the other main search engines shows that there are still many fundamental questions about how aging can affect the testosterone level in your body. Questions high on the list are “At what age does a man’s testosterone drop?” or “What should my testosterone level be for my […]

ED can be hurting more than just your sex life

Whenever the subject of problems with sexual performance comes up, then for most men it’s immediately related to a failure to either achieve a full erection, or to sustain an erection right through to the satisfactory end. This subject is dealt with under the heading Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, and more and more research is […]

Some of the likely causes of ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects around thirty percent of adult males, rising to over fifty percent in men over the age of fifty. For some men, it’s an occasional problem, in which they can’t achieve or sustain a full erection through to orgasm. In many cases, it has become a chronic condition that profoundly affects their […]

Can Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

The science is overwhelming – there is a direct link between the failure to have a successful sexual encounter and indulgence in alcohol. The title of this article should rather be “How little alcohol does it take to ruin you sex life?” Alternatively, we could ask, “does overindulgence in alcohol permanently affect your ability to […]

Getting your body ready for a better sex life

Somewhere you may have read that simply having enough testosterone in your body is a key factor in getting better performance in bed, and this is essentially true. But, there are a few “buts.” Think of it in this way. Just because you have a full tank of gas in your sports car (or let’s […]

Our Guide to Low Testosterone Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Introduction: What is Low Testosterone? Testosterone is the hormone that helps maintain muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive in men. Testosterone is typically seen as the “male hormone.” Testosterone is a hormone with multifaceted physiological functions in men. Testosterone is essential for health throughout life and becomes most critical in the sexual prime of […]

Take the Testomed testosterone deficiency assessment test

Testosterone is the key hormone that sets the degree of masculinity throughout the life of a male. You might already know that testosterone levels change as the body ages. Still, many men are unaware of how much testosterone is in their bodies at each point of their lives. Testosterone levels change as mature men age, […]

The Truth about Low Fat and Low Testosterone

A man experiencing testosterone deficiency will experience many symptoms and health issues. Examples include erectile dysfunction, diminished libido, reduced bone mass, fatigue, mood swings and more. It was always thought that losing weight and exercising regularly can help combat testosterone deficiency. Yet it has now come to light that the diet you go on makes […]

Seven Reasons Why We Need Testosterone

The role of testosterone is most commonly associated with libido and sexual performance. However, its effects go far beyond sex. T has an impact on your brain, emotions, cognitive performance, muscle mass, mood and more. Men need testosterone in order to create sperm. During puberty, it is responsible for voice deepening, growth spurts and growth […]