Understanding the role of testosterone in females

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in smaller amounts in the ovaries of females, as well as in the adrenal glands. While testosterone is best known for its role in the development of male sexual characteristics and reproductive function, it also plays several important roles in females. Testosterone is involved in developing female sexual […]

Understanding the importance of testosterone for women

Although people may generally think about the hormone testosterone as being associated with purely men, in fact it plays an essential role in the life and health of women as well. Along with estrogen and progesterone, testosterone is one of the sex hormones that women need to produce in the right quantity, and at the […]

Side effects of some drugs may include Erectile Dysfunction

Every package of prescription drugs and also of most over-the-counter medications and supplements includes a sheet of information that details the known or potential side-effects of all of the chemicals in the pack. Often, you need a college degree including chemistry or pharmaceuticals in order to fully understand every nuance and meaning of what is […]

Understanding hormone imbalance in menopause

It is generally taken for granted that the onset of menopause is related primarily to the sharp fall-off in estrogen levels as women pass beyond their reproductive age. Usually, the decline in estrogen can begin in the early 40s. Still, there are no hard-and-fast guidelines as to when the level starts to fall off and […]

Does long COVID-19 affect sexual function in men?

Most people are by now quite familiar with the immediate effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which ripped through the world in 2020 – 2023, causing over six million deaths and 660 million cases worldwide. The development of vaccines and therapies has turned COVID-19 from a pandemic threatening the whole population into an at least partially […]

Some of the likely causes of ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects around thirty percent of adult males, rising to over fifty percent in men over the age of fifty. For some men, it’s an occasional problem, in which they can’t achieve or sustain a full erection through to orgasm. In many cases, it has become a chronic condition that profoundly affects their […]

Getting your body ready for a better sex life

Somewhere you may have read that simply having enough testosterone in your body is a key factor in getting better performance in bed, and this is essentially true. But, there are a few “buts.” Think of it in this way. Just because you have a full tank of gas in your sports car (or let’s […]

Our Guide to Low Testosterone Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Introduction: What is Low Testosterone? Testosterone is the hormone that helps maintain muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive in men. Testosterone is typically seen as the “male hormone.” Testosterone is a hormone with multifaceted physiological functions in men. Testosterone is essential for health throughout life and becomes most critical in the sexual prime of […]

Some of the Effects of Vaping on Sexual Performance

For years, doctors have been warning patients that smoking is dangerous. The main focus has been on the direct link between smoking and lung cancer, which became the most significant single cause of adult death in the USA in the 20th century. But there is another direct link between smoking and a man’s ability to […]

Menopause may bring with it low Libido. Fixing that can be quite easy.

Menopause is an inescapable part of a woman’s life, and as life expectancy grows,  most woman are living well beyond their seventies. This makes menopause one of the most predominant segments of life, in many cases making up more than half of anyone’s adult life.  There has been, for too long, a fatalistic attitude to […]