Many young people scoff at the thought of old people having sex, thinking that passion is only for the young and that sex when older is distasteful. Yet they couldn’t be more mistaken. Life sure doesn’t end at 50 or even 70. In fact, many researchers are finding that the best years of sex are still to come.

Why is it that many assume old people don’t have sex?

It’s true that as men and women age, their bodies change and this definitely affects the way that they have sex. A woman who is going through menopausal changes will experience vaginal dryness and decreased libido. Men will find that it’s harder to get and maintain an erection due to lower testosterone levels. Some may also have a medical condition which impairs their sexual ability. Due to this, some men and women withdraw from sexual activity altogether. But thankfully there are an increasing number of couples who rekindle their passion in old age and have found new and exciting ways to enjoy sexual activity. For some, it might not come in the form of traditional intercourse anymore. But there are many other ways to achieve arousal, sexual intimacy and orgasm.

Research is showing that women are more sexually satisfied at age 80 than they were at age 50. Additionally, 46% of men over 75 with partners are reportedly sexually active while 41% of women over 75 said that they were sexually active. This certainly shows that sex continues well into the 70s and beyond if you want it to. Of course, not everybody wants to and that’s their decision. But those that do continue sex in old age find that they live happier and more fulfilling lives. They also say that they have improved relationships.

boosting female libido

Benefits of sex in old age

Research suggests that older couples who engage in sexual activities are happier. A survey conducted in the US showed that those aged 65 and over who have sex are happier than their counterparts who do not.

Older adults are no longer confined by how the world views them. They generally have more self confidence and self awareness. They know what they like and they are free from the distraction of young children and demanding careers. It is the perfect time to enjoy one another, to try new things and adapt sensual activities according to each other’s needs. Without the distractions that are common in the younger years, seniors often focus on personal relationships and sex is a great way to connect.

It is of course also good for you physically – having sex helps you burn fat, releases feel-good endorphins, helps you escape from the world for a bit, and reduces anxiety.

Did you know that sex in old age can also improve cognitive function? Recent studies have shown that seniors who are sexually active perform better in cognitive tests than those who aren’t. Scientists are still speculating on why this happens.

If you are someone who has given up your sex life in old age, it’s important to know that this change. It doesn’t have to be permanent and it’s not too late to restart your sex life now. You may be surprised to find that you enjoy it more than you used to. It is healthy both physically and emotionally, and you might just need to expand your definition of what it involves.