urban dictionary low TYou’ve got to love the Urban Dictionary for all the fabulous descriptions that get published on there but sometimes they can hit a sore nerve with sufferers of medical conditions.

Take the above description about Low T, for example. Low T means low testosterone, which is an actual medical condition and effects millions worldwide. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for what’s considered all things manly, like watching the footie, drinking beer and doing push ups.

Eating a salad for lunch does not mean that you have Low Testosterone, neither does doing cooking classes or taking care of your appearance! There’s also much more to Low T than experiencing loss of libido or having fewer erections!

You could have Low T if you’re feeling a little depressed, have decreased energy, have put on a little weight, are experiencing a bit of hair loss and are getting a little sweaty without exerting yourself too much… mmmmm… not so funny now is it? How many of you who chuckled at the Urban Dictionary description can relate to these symptoms?

Rather than making fun you might consider taking a Testosterone test yourself to check if your T is on the low side. Low testosterone can effect men of all ages so it’s worth taking note of the symptoms and doing some research into Hormone Treatments.

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