customer opinionDoctors love evidenced based medicine, while the body of research in testosterone therapy and bioidentical hormone treatments is growing, Saul our pharmacist still appreciates the massive amount we can learn from anecdotal patient therapy.

The best is when we get personal stories of success when using the products that we sell. Here is one such email we received by Phil from the UK. Phil suffers from Low T and has tried many different types of testosterone therapy, including AndroForte.

“Since being diagnosed with hypogonadism or low T, I’ve used short term injections, the newer 10-12 weeks testosterone injections, and the upper arm/body gels. I’ve also used the AndroForte formulation from Lawleys in Australia, so I suppose I’m quite the expert patient on the matter.

I’ve read a multitude of studies on all four types of product.

Ideally, a daily dose of testosterone is likely to produce the most even results as it accords with natural testosterone peaks. The injections produce big ups and downs. So that leaves a choice, the gels or the cream?

The gels are applied each morning, after showering. They dry in a few minutes but you mustn’t shower for six hours. However, throughout the day, your body will sweat slightly, reactivate the gel and your clothes will glue themselves to your body. This can be uncomfortable. It’s vital you don’t transfer testosterone to women or kids through contact with your upper body/arms. Also, the gel has to pass through multiple layers of the body to get into the system.

AndroForte is quite different and quite a breakthrough for guys who depend on it. The cream is rapidly absorbed into the scrotum and you just forget about it until the next day. There’s no mess, no 1.5″ deep painful injection. But most of all, you really FEEL your levels are fine.

Often clinicians talk about you level being “normal”. What they don’t tell you is that the reference range of being normal can be from 9nmol to 40nmol. In middle age I was told that I was normal, only to discover I was as normal as a 90 year-old sick guy!”

Phil makes some important points:

First up, it’s important to know your levels and not just to take your Dr’s word for it! Do your own research and find out why your hormone blood test is so important in relation to your personal age and circumstances! Average testosterone levels differ with age. We’d also like to add that it’s not just about your total testosterone levels, it’s about your free testosterone levels. Free testosterone means the level of naturally produced testosterone in your body that is available for use. It’s also important to take into consideration the symptomatic effects of the testosterone levels that you do have.

Secondly, there is a huge difference between the different types of testosterone therapy available out there and the way they are administered! Just because you have tried one kind of therapy does not mean that you will have the same results using a different one.

Here is some more information about different types of testosterone therapy, particularly about testosterone injections vs testosterone cream. There is even variation between different kinds of creams and gels so check out this testosterone comparison chart for some direct comparisons on dosage, strength and administration.

We might be biased as we specialize in hormone skin creams but we think topical bioidentical testosterone cream is the most effective form of testosterone replacement therapy. Topical testosterone therapy like AndroForte can help you combat your low T and hypogonadism so that you can have improved moods and a restored sex life. After trying many different options, Phil seems to agree with us and there is no reason for him to be bias. Phil favors AndroForte because it’s applied more neatly, in less quantity and at a better strength than the other options out there. Administration is more comfortable and the effects of each dose is constant and consistent when used correctly.

We love it when customers and blog followers write to us and give us their opinions on articles they have read or their treatment progress. The hormone skin cream market is growing rapidly alongside an increasing array of clinical studies but these Pharma companies and researchers are not the only experts who can share advice! If you suffer from low T and have tried out different treatments or have improved your testosterone levels the you are also somewhat of an expert yourself. Many of our customers return to us month after month and often tell us about their progress or ask questions about new studies being done.

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