men and spicy foodsTestosterone has been linked to many things but spicy food is a new one for us! Apparently it’s true though! According to a new study conducted in France men who like spicy food also have higher testosterone levels! (well, put it this way, it’s rare for men with low testosterone to like eating spicy foods) – Weird, right?! Spicy food is the spice of life as well as what makes your stomach rumble?

The journal Physiology and Behavior published findings from this study that was conducted by researchers at the University of Grenoble.

Traditionally high testosterone levels have been linked to risk taking, macho behavior, high sex drives and competitive spirits. Initial research also suggests that these same men also have a tendency to appreciate more spicy food.

The study in France took 114 young men. The researchers asked these men to prepare a meal of mashed potatoes with chili sauce, salt and pepper. Those with higher testosterone levels added far more spicy sauce than those with lower testosterone levels.  It’s not clear why testosterone causes an increased likeness of spicy foods but the results were conclusive so there is definitely some link between the two. It could be to do with taking risks. Taking risks in life and taking risks with food are similar – more sensation, more emotion. This is the second study conducted that shows links between the hormone and food habits. If you don’t like heightened sensations and thrill seeking then eating spicy foods causes your liking of that food to drop. This is results in low risk taking men to simply eat blander food. What is you add too much and you don’t like it? The spice might be too hot and then you won’t like the rest of your meal?

It makes sense right? It’s also makes sense from the other side too. High risk takers often put themselves in high risk situations deliberately: high risk and stressful situations cause a surge in adrenaline. It’s a natural response; some people like it and some people do not. Men with high testosterone do like it and they feed off of it. When you eat spicy foods you also get higher levels of adrenaline as the body adjusts and copes with the heightened sensations (and even pain). Generally, men with low testosterone often don’t like high stress and risky situations as they do not appreciate the adrenaline rush that comes naturally with them.

This interesting study leads us to want to learn more about the link between risk taking, adrenaline levels and testosterone levels. We’ll be watching out for more studies like this and we’ll keep you posted when we hear any news!

For now though, let us know what you think? Do you think your personal testosterone levels match your appreciation for spicy food? Have you been using testosterone therapy and find yourself eating more spicy foods than before? We’d love to hear from you!