A hotter topic than ever, testosterone and the effects of low testosterone on men are popping up in health news on a daily basis. Here are a few recent stories that might interest you in the realm of low testosterone.

Should Women Worry About Low T?
You probably didn’t know it, but if you’ve taken birth control you’ve gotten a dose of progesterone, which is actually a derivative of testosterone. Although most think of low testosterone as a “men’s health” issue, the sex hormone plays a huge role in women’s health, too. Find out more here!

Deep Voice? It Probably Boosts Your Sex Appeal
A new study from Canada’s McMaster University has revealed that women evidently are more attracted to men with deep voices. On the other hand, while deep voices are considered sexy, the women in the study reported lower levels of trust in them. Women often associate men with high levels of testosterone as having deeper voices, so making sure your testosterone levels are normal might boost your pull with the ladies. Read more about the study on EverydayHealth.

Does Stress Affect Low Testosterone?
According to a study in Hormones and Behavior, there are many commonalities found in individuals with high levels of stress and those with low levels of testosterone. The similarities found include loss of interest in sex, trouble sleeping, depression, fatigue, irritability, and lack of energy or interest in things one usually finds appealing. Although more research needs to be done, reducing your stress in general couldn’t hurt, right?

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