We’ve heard of menopause-hormones go crazy, sending women into hot flashes and mood swings. But did you know the same things happen to the opposite sex? Manopause can wreak havoc on the male psyche and physique. We’ll tell you how some men are fixing their testosterone troubles.

For Popeye, all it took was some spinach. But other guys just can’t seem to get their mojo back!

“I was listless, un-energetic,” said Oliver Power.

“Depression, lethargic, lack of focus,” Chris Runnings added.

These men were in manopause or andropause.

“Often I hear, they’ve lost their edge,” said Karron Power, M.D, MPH, Founder of the Youth Renewal Center and Creator of the Peak Performance for Men Program.

Lost it, because they’ve lost their testosterone.

“It really starts from the early 20’s on,” Power said.

But most symptoms don’t appear until men reach their 40’s or 50’s and Dr. Power says many are misdiagnosed. The severe change in her husband’s own mental state almost cost the doctor her marriage.

“It was obviously a problem when he got his own apartment,” Power explained.

A blood test showed her 40-year-old husband had the testosterone level of a 70-year old! Men inject themselves twice a week with testosterone replacement therapy. They got their energy levels back, lost weight, are sleeping better and have increased sex drives. But they’re cautious of the downsides.

“Testosterone is a very powerful tool it makes a huge difference in a man’s health, his quality of life and how he looks. However you have to respect the hormones,” Power added.

“It’s not a magic bullet. I still have to eat right. I still have to exercise,” said Power.

But it’s giving these guys the boost they need.

“It’s like I got my mojo back,” said Oliver.

Researchers estimate up to six million men suffer from low testosterone, but only five-percent realize it’s a treatable problem. Treatment does not come cheap. Power says it typically runs about $200/month and it must be continued for life or levels will drop and the effects of manopause will return.

Studies show men with lower levels of testosterone have a higher risk of death from heart disease and cancer than men with higher testosterone.

SOURCE: News4Jax

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