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We get asked so many questions about using AndroFeme testosterone cream for women. Here are a few of the most popular questions….. and answers:

testosterone cream

Q. Why do women need testosterone?

A. In women, as with men, testosterone plays a crucial role in sexual motivation (libido), energy levels, mood and bone metabolism. Women produce testosterone from the ovaries and adrenal glands. When testosterone production declines, libido and energy levels often diminish. Supplementing small amounts of testosterone will restore blood levels to normal ranges, usually resolving symptoms.


Q. Is testosterone safe to use in women?

A. Yes, provided the dose used is appropriate for maintaining blood levels within normal ranges for women. The use of the Lawley testosterone cream is only to replace the lack of natural testosterone production from the adrenal glands and ovaries.


Q. Will I grow hair, muscles or have voice changes when using AndroFeme testosterone cream for women?

A. No, provided recommended doses are adhered to. Women using AndroFeme testosterone cream, for example, must have their blood testosterone checked regularly, especially upon starting testosterone treatment. This ensures the dose used is appropriate for the individual.


Q. How much and how often do I apply the Lawley testosterone cream for women?

A. The cream is applied once daily to clean dry skin. It can be applied at any time of the day. The usual starting dose of 1% testosterone cream in women is 0.5mL (5 mg testosterone) via measured applicator, applied once daily to the lower abdomen or upper outer thigh.
Q. How soon after starting AndroFeme testosterone cream for women will my energy and libido improve?

A. Testosterone blood levels reach a “steady-state” after two weeks of once-daily use. Usually, energy levels improve within the first three to four weeks. Blood levels should be taken three to four weeks after commencement. An improved libido usually follows within four to six weeks after starting treatment.


Q. For how long can I continue to use AndroFeme testosterone cream?

A. Many women have used the Lawley testosterone cream continuously for over ten years. Clinical trials have been conducted with testosterone products in women for decades. Minimal side effects have been observed when the testosterone blood levels have been maintained within the normal range for women. It is important a blood test is
conducted at least every six months while using testosterone cream to check levels remain within the normal limits for women.


Q. What safety checks do I need before starting AndroFeme testosterone cream?

A. Your doctor needs to conduct a general women’s health check including testosterone blood levels prior to starting testosterone treatment. Testosterone should not be used if you have breast cancer or if the health check shows any
irregularities. These must be investigated fully first. If you have chronic liver or kidney disease, testosterone should only be used with strict medical supervision. Testosterone blood levels should be taken two to three weeks after starting treatment because of individual variation in skin absorption. If the blood testosterone level is elevated above the upper limit the dose can easily be adjusted downwards.
Q. If I stop using testosterone cream, how quickly will the testosterone be out of my system?

A. Once supplementation with testosterone cream is stopped, blood testosterone levels will fall to baseline levels within 72 hours. Pre-treatment symptoms will usually return with this decline in blood testosterone levels.


Q. Is AndroFeme testosterone cream my only option for using testosterone?

A. There is only one listed pharmaceutical-grade testosterone product in the world available for use in women—the Lawley 1% testosterone cream.


Q. How long will a tube of testosterone cream last?

A. A single 50 mL tube of the Lawley testosterone cream for women will provide between 50 to 100 days of treatment depending upon the dose used. Using the recommended starting dose of 0.5mL, a tube will last 100 days.


Q. Where do I apply testosterone cream?

A. AndroFeme is applied to the skin of the lower torso or upper outer thigh. The testosterone is absorbed by the skin and passes into the blood. The cream is applied once daily. It is rubbed into the skin like a moisturiser. There should be no residual cream on the skin after about 60 seconds of massaging into the skin. The cream is white, odourless and non-staining.


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The information in this article has been taken with permission from the official Lawley booklet on Understanding Testosterone for Women.