A little bit of humor for this morning’s post 🙂


For the 51-year-old comedian’s appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” this week, Carrey added some flare to his stage entrance with a fun little dance, an impressive achievement since he was wearing two giant fake feet instead of shoes.


“I’sm going through a bit of a growth spurt,” he explained to a particularly perplexed Letterman. “I think it’s the new testosterone cream I’sm using.”


“You see, this is really something I put on every once in a while to signify my awkward spiritual journey,” Carrey said earnestly. “Because, I really, honestly, I feel like I have a lot of peace in my soul right now. And I love people, but if you hit me, I’sll take your eye out. And I’sll feed it right to you.”

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