apply androfeme testosterone creamWe all need testosterone, even women do. AndroFeme is a testosterone replacement therapy for women. It is the only bioidentical therapy of its kind that is specifically designed for women to ensure women get the most out of their testosterone therapy. Testosterone is needed to nurture the reproductive system and achieve good sexual health, in particular, good levels of libido and arousal. AndroFeme has been designed for women only. If you are male and need to use testosterone therapy, then try using AndroForte for men. It is the AndroFeme equivalent for men. Apply AndroFeme daily and as directed for optimal results and a great sex life!

What is AndroFeme
AndroFeme is a bioidentical, transdermal cream that helps women supplement natural testosterone production when it is low.

In general, women need to supplement testosterone production when they reach perimenopause, menopause or post-menopause. Sometimes it is needed due to an existing medical condition or after going through a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy. Without good testosterone levels women may suffer from low libido and other kids of female sexual dysfunction alongside a decrease in bone density, loss of muscle tone, anxiety and depression.

The testosterone ingredient in AndroFeme is bioidentical, meaning it is the same as the body’s own naturally produced testosterone. Using a bioidentical cream is thought to have a more beneficial effect (with better results) than using a synthetic form. This is because the body experiences it as a natural extension of the testosterone being produced by the ovaries.

How to apply AndroFeme?
Dosage depends on your stage of life or medical condition (the reason you are using testosterone therapy). The application site and methods are always the same though. The recommended standard dose is 0.5ml. After using AndroFeme for a few weeks you can start adjusting to dosage if you feel it is too much or too little. Normally the dosage increases, not many women feel 0.5ml is too much. Always consult with your doctor, have bloodwork done and take a symptomatic test before adjusting the dosage. Too much testosterone in women can have adverse and sometimes irreversible side effects.

How to measure the correct dose of AndroFeme – AndroFeme is packaged with its own applicator syringe so it is easy for you to get the dosage correct. The applicator is marked with 0.5ml increments. Open the cap and gently squeeze the bottom of the tube until you see the cream reach the tip of the nozzle at the tube opening. Insert the syringe tip into the nozzle, hold upside down. Then squeeze the bottom of the tube while withdrawing the plunger from the applicator. This will cause the cream to flow down the syringe and into the applicator barrel. When you have reached the desired dosage level, stop, withdraw the syringe and close the cap tightly. If you notice some bubbles in the barrel top up the barrel to just past the desired marking. If there are a lot of bubbles or the barrel did not fill up correctly, then clean out the barrel and start the process again to be sure you are getting an accurate dose.

Push the plunger down to release the cream onto the skin and massage in until it is fully absorbed.

Where to apply AndroFeme – AndroFeme should be applied to the lower torso our outer thigh depending on where is most comfortable for you. Choose an application site and stick to it, try not to juggle the application sites. Avoid applying AndroFeme to broken, inflamed or damaged skin. Avoid using deodorant or moisturiser on the application site and avoid showering or exercise where you sweat for at least 1-hour post-application. This is to ensure that the cream has been fully absorbed into the skin and blood stream before it comes into contact with other factors.

How often to apply AndroFeme? – Apply AndroFeme every day, ideally in the morning, at the same time each morning. This will help your body better cope with absorption and integration.

I forgot to apply AndroFeme? What do I do?
Apply AndroFeme in the morning, at the same time each morning. If you miss a dose of AndroFeme it is important not to double dose (apply two doses at the same time). This can cause an overdose of testosterone, which can be dangerous. If you are late taking a dose then take it as soon as you remember. If you already reach the time of the next dose then apply the next dose as normal. Nothing serious will happen if you miss a single dose completely.

AndroFeme warnings and side effects
As with all medications, there can be side effects when using a testosterone replacement therapy like AndroFeme. The most common testosterone side effects include skin rashes or irritation on the skin where the AndroFeme is applied. You can also experience nausea, headaches, acne, male pattern hair loss (on the head), deepening of the voice, increased body hair and weight gain. Sometimes using testosterone can affect your menstruation cycle.

Do not apply AndroFeme to the genital area.

Always wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after application.

Avoid applying moisturiser, perfume or deodorant to the application area. It can affect the success of the testosterone therapy.

Do not swim, shower or do heavy exercise that causes sweating for at least 1 hour after you apply AndroFeme. Likewise, you should not engage in close skin contact with someone else during this time. This is to ensure that the AndroFeme has properly absorbed into the skin and bloodstream and that there is no issue of transference to someone else.

For a full list of AndroFeme side effects see this information leaflet.