Exercise and Libido


Most people exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep fit and maintain a healthy body weight. Exercise helps us build our muscle strength, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Everyone knows the importance of exercise, but it might have more advantages than you had thought. Exercise can also play a role in improving libido and sexual performance.

Benefits for men

Studies have shown that men who exercise regularly enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. What does this mean?

Increased exercise can help elevate testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels mean that men will be able to get more frequent erections, be able to maintain an erection, improved sex drive, and increased mass and muscle strength. Middle-aged men are less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction problems if they can maintain regular exercise.

Benefits for women

Women also benefit from increased testosterone levels and this leads to more frequent sex, heightened arousal, better moods and higher energy levels. Studies have shown that women who exercise regularly are more likely to reach an orgasm faster and will feel it more intensely.

How does exercise improve sex drive?

This all sounds great, but how does it work?

Since sex is a physical activity, it requires strength, endurance and energy. Exercise is the perfect way to build our bodies, our strength and endurance, and increase energy levels. When we’re in better shape, we can perform better in the bedroom too. Additionally, exercise brings a greater blood flow into the genital area in both men and women, contributing to increased arousal.

Another factor is self-image. Feeling sexy and confident is crucial in a relationship and especially so for sex. People who exercise experience increased self-confidence and a positive, relaxed approach to sex.

As we mentioned above, the physical factor involved is the increase in testosterone. Testosterone is considered the “sex hormone” and having increased levels is extremely beneficial for libido, as well as combating depression and fatigue. Besides testosterone levels, endorphins and adrenaline is also released after working out. Endorphins and adrenaline increase feelings of pleasure, sexual arousal, orgasm and reduce stress.

One warning

Take it easy though, because overtraining can have the opposite effect. If you do too much it will actually lower your testosterone levels. There have been studies done which have shown that men who did rigorous exercise on a daily basis had low libido. Generally though, this isn’t a concern you will have. It would mainly affect athletes or others who push themselves too much but don’t rest in between. If you have a structured exercise program which is in line with your body and allows for adequate rest, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Overall, exercise contributes a lot towards a healthy libido and improved sexual performance. While this is a great advantage, it shouldn’t be the sole reason in doing exercise. Exercise contributes so much to our overall health and well being as well as our self-image, so this should be the key motivating factor so that exercise can stay consistent and timely. Nonetheless, couples may enjoy using exercise as a tool to motivate themselves in order to enhance the sexual aspect of the relationship.

The bottom line is – ensure you have integrated regular, moderate exercise into your weekly schedule as part of your plan for increased health, well-being and an improved sex life.