testosterone body hackLowering levels of testosterone happen to many men, in fact make that all men, at some point in their lives. All men experience lowering testosterone levels as they grow older. Most men however do not notice the change as it can happen very gradually. It’s part of the natural aging process but it can also happen when a man is over stressed, has experienced trauma or is taking long term medications for other disorders. Sometimes testosterone levels can drop for no noticeable reason at all, at an age when they should be high. Many men look to boost natural testosterone levels during these times. Boosting testosterone levels can be easy with some testosterone therapy and/or a change in lifestyle.

Most of the time there is no need to be concerned about low testosterone. As long as you feel in control of your life, are not suffering from aggressive outbursts or depression or experiencing sexual dysfunction then there’s no harm in it. The desire for sex naturally reduces as you approach middle age, if your partner feels the same way or if your lowering sex drive doesn’t bother you then that’s great. It does bother some though and in some cases sexual desire evaporates totally. Everyone should have some level of sexual desire and sexual function. It shouldn’t just stop.  Some men experience more noticeable symptoms of low testosterone though, that’s when you need to do something about it.

For most men it’s necessary to try testosterone therapy. Topical testosterone creams like AndroForte are readily available online at great prices. Even if you’re testosterone isn’t below a recognized base level you might want to try some boosting testosterone body hacks to help reduce your physiological symptoms. Here’s a full list of low testosterone symptoms to look out for.

If you’re not quite ready to go down the testosterone therapy route or if you want a little booster while you are on therapy then you can try these boosting testosterone body hacks to help up your testosterone levels naturally.


Shed some weight

Overweight men have a higher tendency towards low testosterone levels. Getting on the weight loss band-wagon can help naturally boost testosterone levels… so get exercising and eat healthy to lose some weight and see if it helps you.


Ban sugar!

Sugar is not good for your teeth and it’s also not good for your testosterone. High sugar levels cause high insulin levels which leads to low testosterone.


Eat fat!

Eating high energy fatty foods like those containing saturated fats help build up testosterone. Of course this does not mean you can spend every day munching on fatty foods. It has to be in combination with mono- and polyunsaturated fats. The human body needs more than  40% of energy as fat otherwise testosterone levels can decrease.



It’s important to exercise. When you exercise your testosterone levels naturally peak a little. The most effective exercise for doing this is by doing short intense bursts of exercise rather than an hour long power walk for example. It’s proven to up your testosterone more and also stops it from declining afterwards. This kind of exercise works well with intermittent fasting and helps to boost testosterone further.


Lift some weights

Intense weight lifting and strength training can help your body to naturally boost its testosterone levels. It’s not about training for a long time with many repetitions. It’s about increasing the amount of weight you are lifting and going slowly with it. This makes it a higher intensity exercise, prime for upping testosterone levels.


Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

Dairy products naturally contain good levels of BCAA’s but you can also find them in supplement form. The best form of BCAA is consumed by eating cheese of Whey protein. BCAA’s are good for increasing testosterone levels, especially when combining the intake with weight training.



This intriguing mineral is important for lots of thing… including testosterone production! Studies with Zinc show that not getting enough Zinc leads to decreased levels of testosterone. Likewise when Zinc levels are high testosterone levels generally increase. You can get Zinc from eating foods high in protein, like seafood, meat, poultry, yogurt and cheese.  You can also take Zinc supplements available from health food stores and pharmacies. Men who experience rising testosterone levels due to exercise often find that they fall after the body recovers from its exertion. High levels of Zinc help to reduce this.


Vitamin D

Testosterone likes Vitamin D. It’s essential for the development of sperm cells, testosterone production and it can help increase you libido. Make sure you get enough of it! Vitamin D can be found in food like fatty fish (especially tuna and salmon), fortified milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, fortified orange juice and egg yolks…. Or you can get it from soaking up the sunlight.


Get rid of the stress

Stress causes the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. We all get stressed but cortisol actually blocks testosterone from doing what it should do in your body. Less stress means less cortisol which means more testosterone efficient testosterone.


Good luck with boosting your testosterone levels and let us know if any of these body hacks helped you up or stabilize your testosterone levels!