loving older coupleIt’s one of the big misconceptions in life that as you get older your sex life goes down the drain and that’s it “game over”. For many people this is simply not true and for the rest, well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You might need a little helping hand but sex later in life can be even more enjoyable than before. One reason for this is down to experience and being comfortable in your own. Many younger men and women feel self-conscious about their body and it inhibits them when they go to bed with their loved one. Also, older people have less day to day stress, like that of raising a young family and finding it hard to find time for each other. Trying to conduct an intimate relationship in between a busy job and raising the kids is a struggle. Older people have more time to devote to each other without interruptions, so better sex later in life is possible!

For some people the reality is the exact opposite. Women can hit menopause and their libido goes out the door. Men’s testosterone starts declining after the age of 40 and continues to drop, along with their libido. In short, you might need a little help by way of testosterone therapy but it all depends on your circumstance.

You might be able to live without sex but can your partner? Sex is not just about sexual gratification; it’s about intimacy as well. Being in a sexual relationship with your partner can bring and keep you closer together. When one side makes and advance and is rejected time and again it can cause a huge strain on the marriage. Many other negative feelings come alongside rejection and it can rub off on your marriage quite quickly. In some case both partners are happy to live without sex, or with limited sex, in which case there is no problem.

Here’s a little guide from Oprah about learning to enjoy sex after menopause. The opening question is from an Oprah fan and reiterates exactly what we’ve mentioned above: “Doctor, I love my husband. But at this point, I will do anything to avoid being intimate with him. We go to bed at different times, or I tell him I’m too tired. I feel horribly guilty. He feels rejected. It is tearing us apart.”

This guide to the benefits of sex over 50 is also useful. Did you know that sex later in life can improve physical and mental health and maintain general wellbeing! The article also includes tips to help you overcome any emotional roadblocks connected to sex.

It’s not always easy to talk about these issues but if you find that your lack of libido is affecting your moods or is impacting on your core relationship then you need to. If your issues stem for low libido then consult with your doctor about taking a low testosterone test and consider taking testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone is the steroid hormone in men and women that controls sex drive. It also has a big impact on mood swings, muscle strength, bone density and fatigue. Just a small amount of topical testosterone cream, a day can make a big difference to how you grow old. It’s not just for men, it’s for women too.


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