In short the main difference is AndroGel® 1% gel is applied to the body (abdomen, chest, shoulders and arms) whereas AndroForte 5% cream is applied to the scrotum.

Scrotal skin is significantly more receptive to steroid absorption (approximately 5 times) due to it’s high blood flow, thickness of the skin and low fat content. Testosterone cream applied to the scrotum achieves significantly higher testosterone blood levels than the equivalent amount of testosterone applied to other areas of the body. Because AndroGel® is alcohol based it cannot be applied scrotally due to the sensitivity of scrotal skin.

I have attached the AndroForte® 5 Prescribing Information, CMI and a patient information booklet which details the above.

Using a 1mL (50mg testosterone) daily dose of AndroForte® 5 testosterone cream there are 50 doses (50 days) supply in each tube. This is equivalent to using one sachet of AndroGel® daily, however blood levels should be checked after 30 days use due to individual variation in the degree of absorption. Often men can reduce the dose of AndroForte® and maintain excellent testosterone levels.

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