Ask the Expert: Is there a half life to the steroid once in the bloodstream? Is once a day application sufficient to maintain consistent blood levels through the evening? Or would two applications a day be better?

The Expert answers: AndroForte levels peak at 4-6 hrs post application when applied scrotally and levels return to steady state after 24 hrs, hence the reason for once daily dosing.

testosterone levels

Splitting the dose into twice daily dosing doesn’t make a great deal of difference to the clinical effect because the peak and trough level are not dramatically different.

AndroForte follows the natural circadian rhythm of testosterone production in terms of metabolism. Ideally AndroForte should be applied before bed or first thing on rising.

The natural “peak” level is early morning before rising when most healthy young men experience the early morning erection. See this blog post about the Loss of the early morning erection and the increased risk of heart disease for more information.

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