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Take the Testomed testosterone deficiency assessment test

Testosterone is the key hormone that sets the degree of masculinity throughout the life of a male. You might already know that testosterone levels change as the body ages. Still, many men are unaware of how much testosterone is in their bodies at each point of their lives. Testosterone levels change as mature men age, […]

Five Testosterone Boosting Foods

Testosterone is a sex hormone which is found in both men and women, and is extremely important for both genders. Testosterone is responsible for overall well-being, libido, sexual pleasure, your heart, memory and bone strength. As we age, testosterone levels naturally decline but keeping your T-levels from going too low will ensure optimum health. Many […]

Prescription drugs affect libido

prescription drugs affect libido

Unfortunately, many important prescription drugs have negative side effects; one of which is decreased libido and testosterone levels. The most common drugs to affect libido are anti-depressants and anti-seizure medication, but there are more too. This is not to be taken lightly. Low libido affects relationships and so it’s important to understand the issue and […]

Testosterone therapy in the UK

testosterone therapy in the UK

There has been some buzz in the press recently about testosterone replacement therapy being endorsed and encouraged by a progressing number of specialists in the UK. That being said, it is encouraged for men, but strangely enough, not for women. As of writing, there are no licensed testosterone gel preparations in the UK for women […]

Boosting female libido

boosting female libido

Perhaps one of the most difficult symptoms of menopause is having low libido. Moodiness, fatigue and hot flashes are no fun either, but having a low libido directly impacts a woman’s relationship with her partner. Hang in there, because it doesn’t mean your sex life has to end. Sometimes you just need a little help, […]

Prescribing testosterone for women

testosterone for women

When you hit menopause and start complaining about symptoms most doctors automatically start recommending normal HRT treatments (hormone replacement therapy). This is normally Estrogen and/or Progesterone based. After all, these are the main female hormones that deplete during menopause and the “change of life”. While it’s true that these hormones help maintain hormonal balance and […]

How ED affects your health


Aside from inconveniencing your sex life, ED (erectile dysfunction) could actually be an indication of a more serious health problem such as poor cardiovascular health.   What is ED? Erectile dysfunction refers to a man’s inability to get or maintain an erection. Often men can have this problem occasionally but if it is a frequent […]

How to Apply AndroFeme

apply androfeme testosterone cream

We all need testosterone, even women do. AndroFeme is a testosterone replacement therapy for women. It is the only bioidentical therapy of its kind that is specifically designed for women to ensure women get the most out of their testosterone therapy. Testosterone is needed to nurture the reproductive system and achieve good sexual health, in […]

Testosterone & cardiovascular health

testosterone and cardiovascular health

As we grow older it’s common to experience a breakdown in cardiovascular health. Studies over the last decade have shown mixed results when it comes to the effect of low testosterone & cardiovascular health. Studies by JAMA a few years ago sent the world spiralling into an anti-testosterone spiral but those studies were unfair and […]

Testosterone therapy works!

testosterone therapy for libido

Lack of sexual desire and/or the inability to perform during sex is a key symptom of low testosterone. Testosterone therapy is highly effective at increasing sexual desire and libido in older men. This is true in almost all symptomatic domains and indications related to low testosterone in men. What does testosterone therapy do? Testosterone therapy […]