Eroxon Stimgel


Eroxon Stimgel is a topical gel that helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction achieve an erection quickly and without the need to swallow or inject any medication. It works through external action that stimulates the sensitive nerves in the glans penis.

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In clinical trials, it was found that the majority of men achieved a satisfactory erection within 10 minutes of the application of the gel.

The gel contains no pharmaceutical components that have physiological effects on the body. Eroxon is not classified as a drug. It is registered as a medical device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction under EU Regulation 2017/745. Eroxon does not require a prescription.


Eroxon Stimgel comes in individual-dose tubes containing approximately 0.3 ml of the gel. The gel should be applied to the tip of the penis (glans) and rubbed in for around 15 seconds, along with stimulation of the penis.