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The Benefits of Good Sex Keep on Improving as you Age

It’s hard to argue with the idea that a satisfactory sex life is fundamentally good for you! Numerous studies of how it improves a person’s physical health and emotional wellbeing have shown two important things. Firstly, there is no “expiry date” on our sex lives. The need, desire and reward for active and fulfilling sexual […]

Maintaining hormone balance in women

From the beginning of a female’s reproductive life and beyond that into menopause, the primary state of her health and fertility is highly dependent on the levels and interactions of two hormones. If, and unfortunately, that’s also when they get out of balance, she can lose her ability to conceive and give birth, and enjoy […]

Seven Reasons Why We Need Testosterone

The role of testosterone is most commonly associated with libido and sexual performance. However, its effects go far beyond sex. T has an impact on your brain, emotions, cognitive performance, muscle mass, mood and more. Men need testosterone in order to create sperm. During puberty, it is responsible for voice deepening, growth spurts and growth […]

What does Trump have to do with our Sex Lives?

Does Trump have the power to influence our sex lives?  It’s been a difficult few months for the American public.  Can the government shut down effect our sex life?  The government shut down and issues surrounding the building of the wall are effecting government offices, government workers and the entire atmosphere in the country.  But […]

Common STDs and How to Protect Yourself

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are a group of diseases that are passed through sexual contact or contact with bodily fluids. STDs include many different bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and the infections they cause range from mild to life-threatening. Most STDs are curable, yet some them — including HIV, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), and […]

Having Sex in Old Age Can Improve Cognitive Function

Having sex in old age is healthy – and now there’s proof to support it. Now there’s no reason to prioritize Sudoku and crosswords because you can achieve the same result with sex, according to the latest research. New studies have come out showing that seniors enjoying frequent sexual activity can actually benefit from improved […]

Managing the Hot Flashes of Menopause

When we think about menopause, one of the first things that come to mind is hot flashes. Hot flashes, as well as night sweats, are perhaps the most common complaints. Hot flashes are likely to occur from several months to several years after a woman has reached menopause. Considering the fact that it could last […]

Depression? Menopausal? There’s a Link You May Not Know About

It is a well known fact that women transitioning to menopause experience a number of symptoms. One of the possible symptoms some women may experience during this time is depression. But is being depressed during menopause caused from the change in hormones? Or are there other reasons too? It is said that women who are […]

ADHD, Hormones and You

We know how changes in hormones can affect mood, energy levels, sleep and libido – but new research is now showing that hormones can also have an impact on ADHD. A recent study was conducted by Michelle Martel, a professor in psychology at a UK college. She is examining ADHD symptoms in young women. It […]

Where Does Your Body Store Fat?

Men and women store body fat in different places. You may have noticed that this happens more noticeably  as men and women age. The reason isn’t necessarily because they’re less active, but because their sex hormones are declining.When men gain weight it goes straight to their abdomen causing the “beer belly” look. Women store it […]