Doctors have identified a new silent epidemic called Andropause

Do a search on your preferred website for information about the effects of declines in hormones on a man’s QOL (quality of life). You will find most hits refer to “the male menopause,” but this is a misnomer and can lead you away from a proper understanding of what the conditions are, and how best […]

Our Guide to Low Testosterone Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Introduction: What is Low Testosterone? Testosterone is the hormone that helps maintain muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive in men. Testosterone is typically seen as the “male hormone.” Testosterone is a hormone with multifaceted physiological functions in men. Testosterone is essential for health throughout life and becomes most critical in the sexual prime of […]

Take the Testomed testosterone deficiency assessment test

Testosterone is the key hormone that sets the degree of masculinity throughout the life of a male. You might already know that testosterone levels change as the body ages. Still, many men are unaware of how much testosterone is in their bodies at each point of their lives. Testosterone levels change as mature men age, […]

Normal Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the sex hormone that both men and women produce, though men produce it in far larger quantities. Testosterone is responsible for healthy libido, energy, muscle building, and in men – a deep voice and body hair. What are normal testosterone levels? Testosterone levels for healthy men measure between 300 and 1,110 ng/dL. This […]

V 101 : All you need to know about Sildenafil (aka V or ViagraⓇ)

When you think of erection problems your first thought is probably the pharmaceutical drug ViagraⓇ . This article will give you the rundown of everything you need to know about Sildenafil, including who should use it, what the side effects are, the difference between V and hormone replacement therapy and its effectiveness. What is Sildenafil? […]

Unexpected Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are powerful chemicals that travel around your body, sending different systems and organs signals as to how they should function. As such, if there is a hormonal imbalance, it can have a huge effect on your body. It is normal for hormones to fluctuate at certain times of your life. For instance, a woman’s […]

Where Does Your Body Store Fat?

Men and women store body fat in different places. You may have noticed that this happens more noticeably  as men and women age. The reason isn’t necessarily because they’re less active, but because their sex hormones are declining.When men gain weight it goes straight to their abdomen causing the “beer belly” look. Women store it […]

High T= High Confidence?

Advertisements and marketing have created a certain image for testosterone and men over 40. In fact, according to  the FDA there are a million more men taking testosterone supplements now than there were four years ago. Many of the men who are taking these supplements do have low testosterone levels and taking supplements can help […]

Five Things that Kill your Sex Drive

While sex isn’t the focus in a healthy relationship, it definitely is an important aspect of it. If things aren’t going right in the bedroom, it can sometimes affect the relationship outside of the bedroom. Don’t turn a blind eye if you and your partner are experiencing some problems getting intimate. Lack of sex drive […]

Is AndroForte Better than AndroGel?

Is AndroForte better than AndroGel?   Testosterone levels in a man decrease with age resulting in feelings of depression, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and many other symptoms. Thankfully, there are many testosterone replacement options available. In this article we will explore Androforte and Androgel. You might be wondering whether to choose Androforte or Androgel for […]