Nugenix VS Androforte: The Truth

Nugenix VS Androforte: The Truth Low testosterone is a very common condition, especially in older men, and this can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as low libido, depression, fatigue and more. Fortunately, there are many solutions to treat low testosterone levels in men, so we decided to explore the differences and effectiveness […]

Mushrooms: Not Just for Eating?

Folklore about this fabulous fungus is abundant. It starts with Neolithic man, dating back 4,000 years, when a mummy was found with Piptoporus betulinus in his medicine kit, a mushroom used for its antibiotic properties and as a natural parasite killer, still in use today. Historically, Egyptian hieroglyphics show mushrooms as the “plant of immortality”; […]

How to apply AndroForte

how to apply AndroForte

AndroForte is a testosterone replacement therapy used to manage and control fluctuating testosterone levels and low testosterone levels. It works alongside your body’s natural testosterone production when your body does not produce enough testosterone. If you apply AndroForte daily you can experience higher testosterone levels. It is specifically designed for men. If you are a […]

How to Apply AndroFeme

apply androfeme testosterone cream

We all need testosterone, even women do. AndroFeme is a testosterone replacement therapy for women. It is the only bioidentical therapy of its kind that is specifically designed for women to ensure women get the most out of their testosterone therapy. Testosterone is needed to nurture the reproductive system and achieve good sexual health, in […]

Mushrooms for libido & endurance

mycoformulas endurance mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are making waves in the nutraceutical and fitness market with their amazing therapeutic benefits. Mushrooms have been used in Asia, India and even Europe for 1,000’s of year as a natural healing remedy. Mushrooms are great for your health but to enjoy their true therapeutic value you need to consume them in controlled […]

Addyi gets FDA approval

female viagra

We are not entirely sold on the product but we are delighted to hear the news that Flibanserin, by Sprout Pharmaceuticals has been approved by the FDA! Why are we happy about it when we’re not 100% sold on the drug itself? Simple, it’s the first time a drug for female low libido has been […]

The little pink pill

little pink pill

We have all heard about the little blue pill but have you heard about the little pink pill? The little blue pill, Viagra, treats erectile dysfunction in men. It is one of the many FDA approved treatments available for men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Really, men have over 20 approved drugs to choose from. […]

Female Sexual Dysfunction

female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction affects millions of women worldwide, the fact is though, not many people talk about it as a medical condition or realize that they can do something about it. Female sexual dysfunction is the umbrella category used to describe an array of sexual disorders that affect women. Walking through life with low libido or […]

Endometriosis, ouch!


We normally talk about low testosterone, menopause and low libido as they are to do with testosterone therapy and that’s our business but there’s something else we are specialist in as well: Progesterone deficiency and Estrogen dominance. These conditions affect millions of women worldwide along with low libido and menopause side effects but they are […]

Dosage instructions for AndroForte

androforte dosage

  We often get asked about the strength of our products and dosage instructions for AndroForte, AndroFeme and ProFeme so we’ve made a blog post about it! That way all the information is out there to see visually.   There is a difference in strength and dosage quantity. The dose is the amount of cream […]